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Everything ready for the new TV season

Returns and premieres on US television


Steven Spielberg produces Terra Nova

Pan Am is another "back to the 60's" series, following the success of Mad Men

Although the key audiovisual contents for licensing are movies and kids’ TV shows, series aimed at adult viewers are increasingly more important, and count with wider licensing programs.

Dinosaurs and stewardesses
In the late September and early October, series with wide audiences and the most important new series for producers will open in the US networks. This year we will see two Steven Spielberg productions, two new titles of J. J. Abrams (creator of Lost and Fringe), and two others who join the wagon of the aesthetics of the 60’s in the style of the award-winning Mad Men, from AMC.

Spielberg is involved in the production of Terra Nova, which will premiere on Fox and combines time travel and dinosaurs. The director also produces The river, an ABC series in which a presenter of documentaries disappears in the Amazon.

J. J. Abrams takes Alcatraz to Fox, a series set in the historic jail and with an argument that seems to mix intrigue and sci-fi, much like Lost. In addition, the series features Jorge Garcia, who was Hurley in the legendary show. Abrams is also the creator of Persons of interest ( CBS), which would not reming so much to Lost, but more to two other Abrams productions: Alias and the canceled Undercovers. In Persons of interest a CIA agent given for dead begins to work for a mysterious millionaire (Michael Emerson, Ben in Lost) who knows when and where violent crimes will occur. The series will occupy the slot of CSI, which comes from recording its worst season in terms of audience.

Following the success of Mad Men and the 60’s looks, ABC has produced Pan Am, a show about flight attendants with Christina Ricci. Also, NBC sets The Playboy Club in Chicago during the 60's.

Many series will broadcast renewed seasons. CBS returns with its CSI franchise ( Las Vegas, September 21; New York, September 23; Miami, September 25). Fox brings the third season of its hit Glee (September 20), plus the fourth of Fringe (September 23) and the eighth of House (October 3). Showtime will present the fifth season of Dexter (October 2) and AMC, the second of The Walking Dead (October 16). The main bet of the prestigious HBO is Boardwalk Empire, with date to be confirmed and again with Steve Buscemi in front of the cast.

Two of the most successful Fox series reach important figures this year. The Simpsons will reach 500 episodes, and Family Guy will begin its tenth season.

To celebrate the 500 Simpsons, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products will launch a new campaign of licensed products, including Duff beer, a Ladies of Springfield clothing line, a program of sports and Olympic gear, and the I Heart Maggie line, aimed at teens and tweens. Most of these products will be sold through an overall direct-to-retail agreement with H&M.

The campaign celebrating the ten seasons of Family Guy ("Something, Something, Something Anniversary") will start with a season premiere in theatres, that will include giveaways, contests and awards.

Fox will also launch an online game and a new line of figures made by Playmates Toys and featuring characters (and voices) of the series. The company has also signed deals for apparel, barware and glasses, greeting cards, and board games.

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