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Imira Entertainment is Koki's new world distributor

The series has been sold in 150 territories


Imira Entertainment, a Spanish company specialized in the production and distribution of audiovisual content for children and youth, has acquired the clay-animated series Koki for its worldwide distribution. The company, one of whose aims is to boost its programming library for the European and worldwide markets, will exclusively represent all worldwide broadcast rights including TV, internet, IPTV, PDA, Video and VOD as well as publishing and licensing rights on a non exclusive basis.

The series, which consists of 26 episodes of five minutes each one, presents the story of a family of chickens in which Koki grows up learning about reposnabilidades and friendship. Kki, awarded by the Prix Jeunesse and the New York Film Festival, and has been sold to over 150 territories since its launch.

Christophe Goldberger, producer and head of distribution and marketing at Imira Entertainment, is convinced of the adicional value that Koki will bring to the company's catalogue: "We will seek new partners, both traditional and new delivery platforms, for the show". For Paco Rodriguez, from PPM Multimedia -Koki producer alongside with Nina Elias Bamberger, from Children Television Workshop-, the agreement "will allow the Koki brand to grow": "The digital age with its new technologies provides additional opportunities for content with a second chance of exploitation that allows older generations share the classic and nostalgic content they grow with with their preschool children".

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