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"Companies must constantly invest in training"

Josep Tous, director, MBA in Toy Company Management


The Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ) promotes the Pompeu Fabra University Master in Business Administration in Toy Company Management. This MBA will begin its second edition in November. As explained by its director, Josep Tous, the goal is that the toy industry professionals become familiar with the peculiarities of the activity of these companies. Tous is also director of the Consumption Studies Institute and has been director general of the Catalan government Consumption Institute.

What are the goals of this master's degree in business management?

Initially, the professionalisation of the toy industry professionals. Anyway, the idea evolved and now comprises not only this sector, but also other areas for children, especially childcare products.

The first edition of the MBA that we are finishing now is very focused on the overall direction of companies that manufacture or export and import toys. But we see that the needs of the companies are making us include also other issues and lines of business.

What are the key points of the program?

It's like a general master of business administration, but insisting in negotiations with Asian suppliers, plus the key concepts of the toy legislation. It also includes negotiations with the distribution.

Does this MBA answer an industry need?

The AEFJ promoted the creation of this master, as part of its strategic plan, which includes the professionalization of the industry and the companies involved.

The training of professionals is essential in all businesses and areas, in order to improve the competitiveness of the company. Companies must constantly invest in training.

All our students are satisfied because they get an overview of the company and the industry, and this helps them to make better decisions.

What skills do you think professionals in these sectors could improve with this MBA?

We have people with broad responsibilities across their firms, but also some that are responsible for example of marketing, and thus extend their knowledge to other sectors. And the same goes for a professional of production or trade: they can learn by example how the sales process and marketing strategy work, and how these activities affect the daily life of the company. This way, these area managers can access the general direction of the company.

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