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"We opt for diversification into less seasonal products"

Joan Ferrer, CEO, Diset


Diset began manufacturing and distributing games in 1970, and has since achieved successes such as the introduction in Spain of the classic Trivial Pursuit, or the creation of Party & Co, the most sold Spanish board game. The company has faced new challenges, as the demand for technology products and the need enter other markets, including the Chinese, where the company will begin to sell its brand Goula, specialized in educational toys.

What trends do you think we will see in the games industry?
The main trend will be the continued sales of traditional and classic board games, as well as the introduction of some new games based on TV quiz shows at the expense of older games based on older shows. The market will be mostly difficult for new games, and also the average prices of these products will go down in line with general trends.

What are the basic elements of a good board game?
A good board game has to be above all fun, with simple rules and able to play in group.

What are the internationalisation plans of Diset?

Since our integration into the Jumbodiset group, the commitment to internationalisation is clear: we are present with offices in the major European markets, we have started selling our brand Goula in the Chinese market with the collaboration of a local partner, and soon other products will be available in Asia. We have also made a firm commitment to develop our own items with added value such as IBob, and also global brands with Stratego. During the next five years we plan to strengthen our business structure in Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia.

How do you think the toy industry is facing the problem of seasonality in sales?
Realistically, the seasonality in the current context of recession is not easy to break. We see how consumers give priority to some expenses: in Christmas is obvious that you have to buy toys, but in summer some prefer a weekend out with all the family rather than buying toys. At most, summer and outdoor items, but always at low prices.

Changing consumer habits is a gigantic task: it can only be done with a joint action of manufacturers and distributors, in collaboration with national and local governments, and I dare say that moving one of the holidays to a Monday of June, to celebrate a Children Day, but with stores open. At the end, Diset as a company opts for diversification into less seasonal products.

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