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Hong Kong fair will organize a toys for adults area

This growing consumer segment goes for collectables, gadgets and nostalgic items


The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, to be held next 7-10 January 2013, will introduce a new area targeting the growing market of toys for adults. Kidult World will showcase products including action figures, airsoft guns, collectables, hobby goods, mechanical toys, miniature vehicle models, puzzles, board games, and magic sets.

According to the organizers of the show, more adults are buying games and toys for themselves, which is good news for the toy industry as these grown-ups have more spending power and buying decision.

Collectables are often aimed as much at adults as they are at children, although adults buy them more to display rather than to play with. Gadgets and electronic toys are also very popular, including RC vehicles. Board games, train sets and outdoor equipment also show good sales among this consumers. And of couse, they also like to indulge in nostalgic toys and games that remind them of their chilhood.

Grown-ups are very demanding of product quality, be it delicate craftmanship, design or heritage, so this market is less sensitive price-wise while being more focused on satisfaction. Adults are also very loyal to products and brands.

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