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Toy sales to grow in Germany

The German toy retailers association expects the holiday season to boost sales


Toy sales will grow by 3% in 2012, reaching a turnover of €2.7 billion. In 2011 the growth was of 7.1% over the previous year , according to data from NPD.

The German association of toy and game retailers (Bundesverbands des Spielwaren-Einzelhandels) expects a good Christmas season. In the words of Willy Fischel, managing director of the association, "the wishes of children do not know anything about the crisis. For the toy sector it would be a great triumph, despite the current situation, to end the year with growth figures."

German consumers seek quality products
This increase will not be in the number of toys purchased, as consumers will opt for higher quality products, says Fischel. Moreover, the association expects a price increase in 2013, as manufacturers will not be able to assume the increased costs of materials and production in China. However, for the holiday season, prices will remain stable.

According to the Trade Association of Germany (Handelsverband Deutschland), retailers will reach a record turnover of €80 million euros during the Christmas period. According to NPD, parents will spend between €120 and €150 in gifts for each kid (toys, books, apparel...). Also, grandparents and other relatives will spend an additional €100-130.

Holiday sales account for about 40% of the annual turnover of German toy retailers.

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