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Indian baby care product market to grow in the next years

This sector is expected to grow 12% annually until 2014


F orecasts continue to confirm India as one of the most promising markets for the industries and services addressed to children. Economic growth and high birth rates are boosting an increasingly consolidated market for these products. In fact, at the end of the decade the country could have more than 1.4 billion people, becoming the world's most populous country, ahead of China and according to a UN report.

If recently the chambers of commerce of the country explained that the Indian toy industry could double its sales by 2015, recently the Indian analyst company RNCOS published a research pointing to an advance in the baby care industry of 12% every year until 2014, thanks to the increasing presence of European and American companies and products.

The report expects this growth driven by cosmetic and hygiene items, as well as diapers and food. Also, retailers will probably become more organized and better structured, and the demand for branded products in rural areas should increase.

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