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India and its appeal for industries aimed at children

The emerging economy of the Asian subcontinent recorded 27 million births annually and has 370 million children under 15 years

India, considered one of the major emerging economies in the world, has a population of over 1,258 million people, according to United Nations (UN) data, a figure that ranks the country as the second one most populated in the world, just after China. The country, known for being the largest democracy in the world, is expected to register a boom in its consumption levels thanks to the upward rowing trend of its population, which in 2050 is expected to reach 1,692 million inhabitants, making it the most populous state in the world. Although according to UN projections the fertility rate of Indian women will be reduced from the current 2.54 children per women to 1.87 in 2050, this will remain much higher than those recorded in Western countries and other emerging economies like China, Russia or Brazil.

Along with its great mass of citizens, its youth is also an important point for the future development of the child-related industries in the country: currently, over 30% of India's population is less than 15 years age, and in 2050 it is expected that this section of the population will exceed 320,000 people.

The country has also been experiencing a positive development of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for more than a decade, reaching growth rates of the economy of 9.8% or 9.6% in 2007 and 2010, according World Bank data.
Despite these astronomical figures, India faces serious problems of poverty which, according to World Bank data for 2010, affects a 29.8% of its population -nearly 372 million people-.Unemployment and access to a paid job are also one of the difficulties that the Indian government will have to face.

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