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Toys, a priority for families

Emili Alsina, Director, Ediciones Just

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At Christmas, toys become necessity goods: all families will buy at least one star gift their children. This is one of the conclusions of the Juegorama research carried out by the Spanish toymaker Famosa, that states that 40% of children receive all or almost all the toys they asked for.

Certainly, the holiday season will be difficult compared to other years, but families will continue giving toys to their kids. There have been changes: parents plan purchases much more, they also look for deals and discounts, and the economic situation affects both those who have financial problems, and those who do not have them (as they prefer to save, afraid of the uncertainties in the economic outlook). But toys always hold up well, or at least, their sales do not suffer as much as other industries' goods.

Children are the main priority for parents, who undoubtedly will do their best to ensure their kids enjoy this year as much as any other. This also applies to all industries aimed at children: a family may have a smaller budget to buy baby care products, but moms and dads will continue to seek safety when buying a car seat, comfort for in the case of a stroller, and quality when buying food items, for example.

This means that these sectors have a sales floor much higher than others who have been most affected and for more time by the economic situation. Of course, the situation of each family varies greatly and manufacturers and retailers are seeing a drop in sales of the overall market, but professionals in these sectors have more maneuverability to adapt to a difficult market.

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