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E-commerce, a growing channel

The e-book E-commerce, a growing channel provides an overview of the online sales business, including global figures on this activity, as well as consumer habits, particularly focusing on the toy, of and child care licensing, collecting the opinions and experience of some of the top Spanish professionals of the three business areas.

The document provides an introduction to electronic commerce, both in Spain and in the world, detailing the growth figures and major business activities, detailing info on the three sectors and also talking about new trends and business lines, such as daily deals sites and sales via mobile devices.

The document can be downloaded in three formats: pdf, mobi (for Kindle from Amazon) and epub (compatible with most readers).

This is the second title of the collection of electronic books for professionals in the sectors of the toy, child care and licensing. The aim is to provide information and tools related to these sectors, in addition to marketing and new technologies.

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