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Social networks, tools to sell


This is the first title of the new Key4Communications e-books collection, addressed to professionals in the toy, childcare and licensing industries. Our goal is to provide information, tools and tips related to these sectors, in addition to marketing and new technologies overviews.

Social networks, tools to sell is an introduction to the use of these new media with the goal of boosting and promoting sales, showing an introductory overview about the benefits and risks of these networks.

This document provides an introduction to electronic commerce and the use of social networks by small businesses and stores, highlighting what consumers are looking for and what these companies can offer.

It also describes in summary form some of the characteristics of social media. The text focuses on the four more established: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube, but also adds a list of others with more specific uses, format, target audience, as well as growth potential, due to the novelty of its implementation.

Finally, the book explains how to measure the success of a campaign on social networks, taking into account the economic and brand impacts, this last not so tangible, but equally important to strengthen the company and to help growth.

Follow the next link to acquire the document in English and in three formats: pdf, mobi (for Amazon Kindle) and epub (compatible with most electronic readers).

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