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Style Guides: the Handbooks of Licensing

A new Key4Communications e-book

A licensee who does not know a brand should be able to manufacture licensed products true to its spirit and values just by following the indications of a style guide, according to Style Guides: the Handbooks of Licensing, a new e-book by Key4Communications. This sums up the importance of a basic document for industry professionals that helps licensors to manage their brands and characters, while allowing licensees to carry out their work as smoothly as possible.

Style guides are the user manuals for licenses. They help to identify the brand, both physically and in values and attitudes, and they show licensees how they can use it in their products. If a style guide is comprehensive enough, it will provide design proposals and, above all, it will help owners and manufacturers to win time and save efforts when launching their products to the market.

The document gathers the opinions of about 20 licensing professional and includes a special report and five interviews with Viacom Consumer Products, Chupa Chups, Estudio Capdevila, Elastic Rights and Heraclio Fournier.

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