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The design of products for children: new Key4Communications e-book

The report publishes interviews with toys and babycare products designers

How do you create a toy from scratch? How do you integrate licenses in these products? How do you take care of all safety aspects and regulations? The design of products for children, new e-book published by Key4Communications, tries to answer these questions, gathering the views of some of the most innovative designers of toys and babycare products.

The report includes interviews with heads and representatives of design departments of toy makers (Injusa, IMC Toys, Imaginarium) and babycare products (Gegant, Moodelli, Mima), who explain their experiences when creating products for children and families.

The book also reflects the opinions and analysis of two recognized experts in these sectors: Songel Gabriel, founder of Innoarea Design Consulting, and Míriam Morante, specialist in children's product design, with expertise in the technological institute AIJU.

The design of products for children can be downloaded for 4 euros, and the download gives access to the document in pdf, epub (compatible with most e-readers), and mobi (for Amazon's Kindle.

Licensing and technology
In regards to toys and as Songel explains in the book, licenses and TV characters rule". In fact, the inclusion of licensing products is one of the most complex things concernintg the design of these products among other reasons because "you have to fight with the licensor's idea of the product, which obviously is not always the same as ours," explains Victor M. Sánchez Verdú, Injusa design director.

Another trend is the increasing use of technology, either hidden (only effects are seen, as the colour change of the toy with use), or apparent, as in the case of tablets for children. In fact, José Abad, head of product design at Imaginarium, is particularly his satisfactied with the design of the company's own tablet, Superpaquito.

Quality and differentiation

The two main trends in the design of babycare products are differentiation and multifunction. For example, Joaquim Messeguer founder of Gegant, explains that his company tries to distance themselves from the trends because they want to offer products that are not in the market.

On the multifunction side, these products evolve with the kid and offer families a quality item that can be used for years. Moisés García, sales manager of Moodelli, explains how the firm's crib Babybox starts can be used as a crib until the baby is 2 years old. Thereafter it can be used as a storage for toys.

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