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Mobile sales are growing

Mobile commerce accounts for 15.1% of online sales in the US

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Mobile shopping is showing strength in the US, while sales made through social networks begin to show signs of weakness. According to an IBM research, mobile sales increased from 13.3% to 15.1% of total online retail sales in the second quarter and compared to the first. In contrast, sales through social networks fell from 2.4% to 1.9%. These sales include both done in the networks as those resulting from social media referrals.

Total online sales fell 2.3% from the previous quarter, although the number of items purchased grew by 2.6% and the value of each purchase increased by 2.3%. As pointed out by IBM, the number of people who have purchased online during the period has dropped.

Negative comments increase

This IBM report also collected information about consumer comments on Twitter, forums, message boards and new media. The ratio of positive to negative comments is still good, but has declined by 20%. A year ago there were 4.2 positive comments for every positive comment, but the figure has dropped to 3.35 to 1. Also, 50% of consumers are looking for and sharing information, promotions and discounts, especially through social networks.

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