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Mobile payment gets more common everyday

11% of Spanish consumers have already made a purchase via mobile

  • Key4Communications

11% of the Spanish population has already made a purchase via mobile, according to a study by GfK for Paypal. The main reason: comfort, according to 91% of respondents. Moreover, 30% said that buying via mobile saves time.

Of course, for this method to be effective, payment systems should not involve typing out the credit card numbers in the phone, either by associating a credit card to an e-mail account, because the consumer has purchased before on that online store and his data is stored, by using so-called electronic wallets, which are now under development, or through the implementation of NFC technology, which allows you to use the phone as a credit card.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest penetration of mobile Internet: 34% use their phone to access the internet and connects an average of 40 times a day. In fact, Spain is the European country that leads the introduction of smartphones, with 55.2% of mobile users with this type of phone, according to a Comscore study conducted in June 2012. The European average is 47.6% and in the US, the percentage is 47%. This trend is partly explained by the comparatively high prices of home broadband.

Paypal handled more than $4 billion dollars in mobile payments in 2011, five times more than in 2010, and expects to close the year totaling $10 billion.

In the e-book A store in your pocket, recently published by Key4Communications, readers can find more information regarding mobile commerce.

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