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Moms spend more time shopping online

After having a baby, women reduce the time spent on other activities

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After becoming mothers, women reduce the time spent shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, but spend more time on online purchases, according to a study by Eric Mower and Associates.

59% of surveyed mothers said they spend less time shopping in stores, whether their children are newborns or older. Moreover, 59% spend less time watching television and 55% read less magazines than before.

In contrast, a third of moms spend more time in online stores and 33% look for coupons and deals. In fact, one in four said they also spend more time surfing the internet and more than half explained they spend the same or more time on social networks.

Of course, the difficulty of combining motherhood with work and other activities leads to a substantial 29% of mothers have also been forced to cut the total time spent online.

This study is in line with other recently published surveys, such as one by Comscore, that explained that around 80% of European mothers are more likely to online stores than the average internet user

Similarly, 95% of American mothers with children under 4 searched online for coupons, according to research from Direct Marketing Association and Mom365. 77% of these mothers also participated in online programs to get deals and offers, and 61% is member of pages that send daily deals, such as Groupon.

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