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2016 commitment to growth

Professionals in the childcare industry face the year with optimism


Manufacturers and distributors of child care sector value 2015 as a transitional year in which they have managed to stabilize their sales and even to increase slightly. The vast majority of respondents’ professionals face this year with optimism and value that the market for children's products will be enhanced.

45% of respondents said that their sales have increased, while 51% said it has been maintained and only 4% said they have fallen. In the commercial barometer manufacturers and distributors in the journal Child Care Market, you can view a detailed graph of the commercial development and sales of the sector and the views of professionals.

Furthermore, we find the latest news and betting companies have childcare for this year in the following categories: Rolling Childcare and Accessories, chairs and combinations Auto Group, Static Child Care, Child Care Light, children's furniture and layette, toys Children 1st, Children's fashion, and Carrier.

You can find information on the number 133 Puericultura Market.

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