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Puericultura Market publishes the Retail and Manufacturers Commercial Business Barometers

From the assessments of experts, it has been annalyzed the development of the childcare sector in 2015 and the facing major trends to 2016


Puericultura Market magazine, in its latest edition of January/February, publishes the both Business Barometer of Retail and Manufacturers. In them, based on the assessments of industry experts, it has been analyzed by two global reports the evolution of sales of the different product categories during the year 2015 and the main trends in the sector for 2016.

Retail Business Barometer
According to data published in the extensive report published by Puericultura Market, 2015 it was a year with ups and downs, such as specialized retailers say sales have stabilized. In this sense, for the vast majority of specialists, last year the market was stable, with a slight increase to 30% of the sources. Also, expectations for the year 2016 are positive and favorable to 2015. However, the situation in recent years has grown factors (such as loan and buying items second-hand) that are no longer a trend but a regular.

The consumer also has become more rational, buying only what is necessary, looking for pragmatism. In this sense, specialized retailers committed to refocus its business offering added value by improving services. The outlets have strengthened their presence on the Internet and social networks in order to reach the multichannel consumer.

Business Barometer Manufacturers
Manufacturers and distributors consulted by the magazine Puericultura Market ensure that the results of 2015, in the area of childcare, are valued positively. In fact, 45% of respondents said that their sales have increased, while 51% said they were maintained and only 4% said they have fallen. Furthermore, the figures show a sector that has experienced a year of transition that has been slowly recovering from the last economic downturn. Also, 76% of those surveyed by the magazine has forecast growth in 2016, while 22% remain valued.

Both manufacturers and distributors are aware of the handicaps that continue in the evolution of the sector (declining birth rates, loan items, second hand items, etc.), to which is added a more demanding and rational consumer, given budget.

The full report can be read in the journal Puericultura Market of January/February.

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