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Spanish baby products: 50% of revenues comes from exports

Main destination for exports is Italy


The last turnover report prepared by the Spanish Association of Child Products (Asepri) published that the weight of exports in 2013 stood at 46.7% of total turnover, €488.2 million (associated sector data).

Overall, the European Union is still the main target area with Italy leading the list of export destinations with around one quarter of foreign sales. Lagging behind are Portugal, with 10% of sales, France and Russia, both with 8%. Outside the EU, Mexico, Russia, the US, Turkey and Ukraine account for 20% of total foreign sales.

To increase exports in the Spanish child products, companies attend international fairs where they show their novelties. The next fair they will be attending is Children’s Club NY. The Marca España hall, supported by ICEX, will be home to ASEPRI as the representative of the childhood product sector from Spain, along with children’s footwear brands León Shoes and Ominoki, and the children’s fashion, special occasion, newborn and accessories collections presented by brands the Artesanía Carmina, Barcarola, Cóndor, Dadati, Newness, J.V. José Varón, Tartaleta and What’s Up Kids. The brands Paz Rodriguez and Tuc Tuc will be in other areas with their US distributor.

In 2015, Asepri will multiply its presence on international markets, offering its children’s fashion and childcare companies a series of actions in target markets. ASEPRI’s upcoming international events, after the NY fair, will be in Asia and Latin America. In April it is planned to attend the CBME Singapore fair with the Marca España hall, and in May, there will be a  combined trade mission to Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, in order to foster trade agreements with distributors and conduct market research in the children’s fashion and childcare sectors.

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