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Market Research


Spanish companies present at Kind + Jugend (4)

We show you the weekly presentation of companies present in the fair in Cologne


This week we show you the profiles of Stor, Tuc Tuc and Uzturre 

Stor, in the childcare sector, it is dedicated to developing and distributing children's products; mainly toys and tableware.
The company has a strong international presence and exports 90% of its business in more than 80 countries across five continents, mainly in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and South Africa. The company's main objective is "the development of product lines in Spain from October this year in order to improve current production capacities and to offer customers manufacturing alternatives".

Flagship Product:
Vajillas infantiles
Born in 1994, TUC TUC has succeeded in introducing the concept of fashion into childcare, thus achieving competitive differentiation. In addition, the company already sells more than two million products a year in over 5,000 outlets worldwide, always adapting each product to the different stages of children's development. One of the company's main objectives "is to grow 10% to exceed 40 million in turnover, continuing to grow in European countries such as Italy, where the company is already popular". It should also be noted that “China and Mexico are two countries in which expansion efforts will be focused". Currently, 30% of its turnover comes from international markets.

Flagship Product:
Uzturre founded in 1928, specialises in the production of textiles and childcare accessories for babies, using high-quality materials from Spain and manufactured entirely on their premises.
Customer loyalty has enabled the company to consolidate in the domestic and international markets, conducting "a successful international expansion in which it has grown significantly with a presence in countries such as: France, Benelux, Germany, Italy, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, USA, Latin America, Saudi Arabia and Senegal.”

Flagship Product:
52AC Pompore

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