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"Families are not going to compromise on quality, safety and image"

Josep M. Vallés, Manager, Millenium Baby


Millenium Baby is the official distributor of Cybex in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, and the work of Josep M. Vallés, Manager, focuses on monitoring the activity of the company in the categories of car seats, strollers, and baby carriers, segments that are fighting the current economic situation with the introduction of higher safety and quality.

Which are the main features the Cybex pushchairs, car seats and baby carriers?
Cybex began manufacturing of car seats, one of the most important products in terms of turnover. According to European tests, these restraints systems are those that ensure greater security in the market. To reach this level of security the company has to conduct studies, investigations, tests, etc. All this requires an investment, and for this reason, although these are not economic chairs, we can say we offer a great safety guarantee.

Concerning pushchairs, we have to take into account two important factors that are very sensitive for consumers: quality and performance combined with the element of fashion. Cybex's strategy is to develop an urban, careful and minimalist design, taking quality into account (in Spain, unlike other countries, this item is for every day use). Consumers are looking for a lightweight, small, easily foldable pram, that it is also resistant to intensive daily use.

Last but not least, our positioning in baby carriers has always been with an emphasis on ergonomics. We develop products that are comfortable for both babies and parents, ensuring optimal weight distribution.

What volume of business does each category represent?
About 50% comes from car seats, more than 40% from strollers, and the rest from baby carriers, always talking in terms of revenue and not units.

How is the relationship between the manufacturer and retailers, especially in the current climate?
We try to take care of them. At the end of the day the retailer is your voice for the customer. We opt to maintain a certain exclusivity as long as the retailer works well with us. We give all the needed support, also on matters of point of sale marketing, as well as promotions (and this does not mean lower prices, but boosting sales with better space or more exclusive dedication). We do not force minimum orders, we do not charge the store with product that the retailer does not need and we keep stock of all models and colours, thanks to our large warehouse.

How do you think the childcare sector can evolve?
We believe we will see two types of consumption: consumable items will tend to be economic, but families will not compromise on quality, safety and image, so in the medium to high ranges, they will choose the best value for money. Consumers will think before purchasing and will depend on their families when prioritizing one product over another. However, they will not stop buying.

Which are the main differences between the Spanish market and other countries?
If we have to highlight one, in Spain we mainly find that consumers like a good service, they like to chat with employees and they seek advice, in contrast to other European markets, where buyers just choose and pay, as they get their information by other means and do not need the attention of a dedicated seller.

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