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“The babycare sector is more demanding every day, that is why it keeps optimal levels”

Interview to Francisco Mompó, head of Innovaciones MS


Founded in 1992, Innovaciones MS is a company which manufactures babycare articles, with presence in more than 1.100 specialised stores all around the country. Design, security and quality are some of their main pillars, apart from being in concordance with their clients needs. Francisco Mompó, head of Innovaciones MS, talks about the evolution and characteristics of the company in this interview.

- The company was founded in 1992. ¿How was the beginning of it? ¿Which facts would you highlight of those almost 25 years?
- The idea began when our son was born, when we realised that parents are too lost when they have to face the challenge of crate a family. We had experience in other sectors and, after a few months, we decided to make a step and create something different. The beginning was hard because our economic resources were limited and we did not count with a clients portfolio. We only knew those places were we bought the stuff for our son.

In that moment there were many things to do in the sector of babycare was not like the one we know today. It has changed a lot since then, each year we launched news and among those novelties there were the things that make us become better: carry cots. In the other side, we ere satisfied to be able to do a work that gratifies us professionally, and event though with the limits we counted, we learned a lot of things and decided to improve with the focus on kids safety and knowing that there was a long way to walk.

- How is Innovaciones MS organized? ¿Which is the corporative philosophy that characterizes it?
- Currently, MC has an extensive commercial network, in Spain and so abroad, because we have presence in 9 countries. Moreover, we promote the active collaboration of all those that belong to our company pretending that everybody to share their ideas, getting to keep on increasing in the sector. The company is completely familiar because in the offices and warehouse we are 10 people working. Our philosophy can be summarized in the following words: Team work in order to get being efficient and to make clients become satisfied.

- What are the main bets the company present in 2016?
- In this 2016, our main bet is to keep and increase the confidence of parents to our brand and our variety of products, that is why we are trying to make parents value more us as a brand, betting always on the reliability and safety of our products. We are sure that with our effort and the quality of our products we will reinforce our position in the sector.  

- ¿What reasons do you keep in mind when it is about designing your products? ¿Which value do your articles give to parents and their kids?
- When it is the time about designing out products, we value the product to be practical and easy to use, comfortable, innovative and good quality and specially safe in all its components. In the other side, it is necessary that products to be attractive for parents, that is why we count with  designers who follow the main fashion trends.

- The company counts with a more than 8.000 square metre logistic centre in Valencia. ¿How has been the company service improved internally and externally?
- When we built the logistic center in 2008, we knew clearly what we wanted to get: internally we wanted more velocity when preparing deliveries, to manipulate the less as possible products and having everything computerized in order to serve in a more efficient way. Moreover, with the experience of years, we have got to built a logitic structure that allows us to take the maximum profit of the space and being more efficient when it is time to realize the programming with providers and clients.

- How do you value the relationship with specialized retailers? ¿How do you support the service in stores?
- Since we started, we have always thought of our clients as the most important thing, because without them we would not be in this position. The relationship with retailers should always be sincerely and continued, because they are who live the problems and worries of parents, that is why we count with a department in which we receive their questions and doubts, and where they tell us the things we can improve, which is always good for us. We don’t have to forget that thanks to retailers, the brand is known and valued by parents.

- ¿How do you value the evolution of the babycare sector? ¿What are the main trends on the market?
- The babycare sector is more demanding every day, that is why it keeps optimal kevels, looking for new products to offer and more competitive prices, that is why we are in a kind of ringlet which benefits the sector because it incorporates new technologies and innovations. In the other side, the online sale is every time more secure and a lot of retailers see a market opportunity farer from specialized stores. In the same time, big sales area are more focused on the sector, offering a bigger products offer.

- Which are the short, medium and long term objectives of the company?
Our day by day objective is to give the maximum quality and security accompanied by an actualised design in a fair price, and that is why we are alert for all the reports and advices that our clients tell us, as well as the trends. Our objective in a medium and long term are keep on strengthen our brand not only in Spain, but also in the EU, trying to get a good market position. In order to fulfil those foals, we think that we have to invest a lot in I+D+I and incorporate new technologies to offer more safe and competitive products.

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