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"The childcare sector in Spain will increase its sales volume"

Interview to Elisa Crozet, CEO of RECARO in France, Spain and Portugal


Elisa Crozet is leading the German Recaro auto maker Highchairs since 1998, but it began long before its activity with the manufacture of chairs general transport, cars, planes and trains, among others. Over the years the company has become one of the benchmarks of child safety, has branches spread across the US, UK and Japan, and exports to China and Europe. Crozet explains the main trends that are shaping the market for childcare and the objectives it has set RECARO and makes an assessment of the status and progress of industry sales. This is an excerpt of the interview, at number 134 of Puericultura Market (March) the full interview, where Crozet appreciates the new rules i-Size and explains the technical improvements that have been introduced in the auto chairs is and tells changes in consumer habits and presents the proposed new RECARO 2016.
- How is RECARO business structured in Spain?
- We have a sales team in the country, which will be strengthened as the volume of business continues to increase. Right now we are looking for sales representatives in Madrid and southern Spain, for example. The sales team is fully aware of our products and the world of childcare for many years. Moreover, in France we have another part of the team dedicated to Spain, which supports the development of marketing strategy, manage orders, serves the needs of customers and manage the aftermarket, all in coordination with the sales team and maintaining the communication line with the German center.
- What effort does your company to develop investigations or trials in the category of car seats?

- We have teams of engineers working permanently in Germany, Holland, Japan, China and the United States. They share information and work on constant technical innovation and progress, with different regulatory regulations of each country or continent. Of course, I have stayed at our factory in Germany, our own testbed for Crash Test.
In addition, RECARO are part of the Committee regroups different brands at European level and is responsible for the development of European standards.
- How is the evolution of the childcare sector during the last year? What do you expect for 2016?
- The distribution is changing, online stores and traditional shops must find a balance, businesses must adapt to provide greater flexibility and service. I have a positive view of the childcare sector in Spain, which I believe will increase its sales volume; particularly for our brand we have high expectations, of course. However today is practically impossible to make an estimate of the market, taking into account the online sales made through other European countries. As RECARO France / Spain try to promote and protect sales in our markets, for example through the serial numbers of our products, when a consumer needs warranty service, if the product has been purchased by another country, headed to consumer that country to manage its warranty.

- Which are the major trends that are shaping the market for childcare?
- In relation to child safety seats, keep the facility in the opposite direction to the march as long as possible is being fully accepted by the Spanish market, even more than in France. What parents really want is the best for their children, and that is creating a revolution in this market segment.

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