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"The market for childcare in Thailand is in full swing"

Interview to Yolanda Pablo, creative stylist Mima in Thailand


In 2008, Yolanda Pablo from Madrid rode along with her husband, the Indo-Dutch Davy Kho, the company MIMA childcare. They left Spain a year and a half ago, when the country was in crisis, to settle in the Asian market, which is just now starting to introduce brands high-end childcare. Now, they live with their children in Bangkok (Thailand), where she works as a creative stylist of the brand and creative director of the brand. They left behind Valencia, tired of constant travels its factory in China to oversee the new products being created. Accustomed to the changes before had lived in Italy and France, they and their family have adapted easily to Thailand, where they study, 3 hours from the factory. They are happy because they have been able to form a good team, explains Pablo, "it is professional, creative and dynamic". In Thailand, says, "there is much design and creativity, and young people leave very prepared and ready to work with a great desire universities".

Speaking about the similarities and obvious differences between the Spanish market and the Asian, Pablo points out that there are still few shops childcare, says, "people used to buy cheap baby care products in supermarkets or shopping malls”. But gradually they are beginning to introduce high-end brands and stores have appeared "very cool" childcare, so the market is moving.

In the country, they have a good impression of childcare Spanish market, explains Pablo, "the Spanish design is very well known here, especially thanks to the apparel market." But still few Spanish brands are in Thailand. In the interview, found complete in the number 134 of Puericultura Market, Pablo explains extensively her impressions of Bangkok and the field of childcare in Asia, as well as their integration into the country, and tells us how her family has adapted to the change.

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