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"We always try to surprise our customers with high quality brands, many of them unknown in Iberia"

Interview to Arnaud Sattonnay, CEO of BB Grenadine


Known for introducing the famous giraffe Sophie La Girafe in the Spanish market, BB Grenadine started its activity in 2010 to expand its range of products in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. The company specialized in the babycare field and early childhood toys introduces nine new brands in its portfolio in 2014, becoming known by the choice of quality products, environmentally responsible and original and innovative. In this interview to Arnaud Sattonnay, CEO of BB Grenadine xxxx, he explains its inception in the industry, marked objectives for the coming year, as well as an assessment of the developments in the babycare sector.

- BB Grenadine started its activity in 2010 introducing in Spain the giraffe Sophie la girafe. How has been the acceptance of this brand in the domestic market? What goals have you marked?
Acceptance is still excellent, so our efforts to make it known here in Iberia are being rewarded. This has allowed us to expand the range of items Sophie la girafe® with DK licensed products, Janod and Trousselier. We should note that Sophie la girafe is a long-haul product that has more than 54 years in the market, and it's beginning to be very famous worldwide. So living in this intercom society favors its inclusion in Spain and Portugal.

Our Sophie la Girafe target is to sell a giraffe per birth. Between Spain and Portugal there are approximately 580,000 births per year, so, today, we continue taking great tour of conduct.

- In 2014, new brands were introduced in the catalog of BB Grenadine. What brands were currently distributed? What strategies carried out with each of them?
The extension to brand comes from special encounters with exceptional brands. Our DNA is to introduce high-end and original products. So we emphasize the communication of these brands, not only explaining the article but its history, demonstrating the added value of each and their products, all of them of excellent quality at competitive prices.

Currently we distribute the Minene marks (innovative, stylish and practical textiles for parents, children and babies), Ki ET LA (sunglasses and accessories to protect children from solar radiation), Que du Bonheur (tender wrists / doudou submitted in gift box), Xplorys (innovative products and gift items for babies), Little Big Things (toys / teethers made of solid wood and soft plastics manufacturing BPA free in Germany), Sophie la girafe by Janod (childhood wooden toys with first License Sophie la girafe), Sophie la girafe by Trousselier (music boxes, snowballs and jewelers of the license Sophie la girafe), Sophie la girafe by DK (children's books Sophie la girafe license) and Sophie la girafe baby (natural and organic cosmetic certified child with Ecocert label).

In addition, this year we will begin the distribution of swimwear Mayoparasol Sophie la girafe. We are also exclusive agents of children's furniture Sauthon and the 100% spanish brand Keeddo of children's decoration.

- What values ​​characterize the brands and products they represent in Spain?
We always try to surprise our customers with high quality brands, many of them unknown in Iberia, but have quality products that offer comfort, safety and functionality for both babies and parents. In this way, we can take care of the detail catalog of products distributed by choosing a selection of the best articles from each of the brands we distribute.

BB Grenadine responds and we guarantee all our products to Spain and Portugal. As well, we consider the importance of the environment so we like to deal with products and brands that have environmental awareness and more natural as possible.
- What aspects you consider to have the consumer in mind when buying baby products?
Increasingly is observed more interest in the quality of the products. The customer is increasingly demanding when buying products for their children turn aside the main factor of price decision. In addition, consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about the product features you want, so part of our job is to give easy access to all the information in our lines.

- How do you assess the developments in the babycare sector in 2015? What are your expectations for 2016?
I believe that the sector has been more dynamic in 2015, the retail has sought other options and brands beyond the "lifetime", expanding the variety and range of products offered in its stores, especially in quality items. We have to remember that the babycare sector will continue to grow in 2016, with greater emphasis on communication towards B2C.

- What do you think are the trends that are shaping the field of babycare?
The most requested features have been, on one hand, the functionality of the product, being highly valued the choice of versatility (as the products 2 in 1) or evolutionary, allowing the article service life is lengthened. Furthermore, also natural products and / or organics. Environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles have come to the childcare sector, being highly valued the composition of the paper and packaging.

- Do you want to add any further comment?

We want to thank all the shops they trust us and our brands. For them, we continue to seek innovations for BB Grenadine is always synonymous with high quality, originality and environmental protection.

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