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“We bet on a design and manufacturing 100% Made in Spain”

Interview to María Eugenia García, Chief Business Officer of MICUNA


MICUNA is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of children’s furniture which counts with almost 45 years of history. Currently, it has got 97% of the penetration to the national market, with approximately 2.000 stores in Spain. In this interview, María Eugenia García, Chief Business Officer of MICUNA, talks about the company’s evolution mentioning its most important landmarks. The full interview is published in the magazine Puericultura Market 136 .

- In 2015, they acquired new facilities. ¿Which are the reasons why? ¿How do you improved the company’s functioning?

- Move MOINVA close to the main facilities of MICUNA has been a wise decision, because it eases the movement daily transit of charges. Moreover, it has allowed us to introduce improving such as the management through radio frequency to our warehouse, the introduction of more expedition docks and the creation of a new exhibition salon, apart from new meeting rooms, offices and an outlet store.

- MICUNA is increasing in international markets. ¿Which strategies do the company carry out in this field?
- Our main strategy in terms of international markets is the developing of new high gamma designs: the brand MICUNA and the ‘Made in Spain’ are more valued every time, that is why we try to keep on investing in our factory and team, in order to keep on investigating, designing and manufacturing 100% in Spain.

- Which are the main trends on the childcare products market?
- The most important trends regarding to products are focused in functional concepts, as well as evolutionary and polished lines with a huge presence of white colour combined with wood. With the promoting of the online media, parents have found the channel to express their needs: sweet designs, evolutional concepts, lights and music to accompany swinging on baby’s dream till he or she is sleeping, accompany them while there are feeding, etc. Definitely, products with accompany children in order to reach a placid and secure sleeping.

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