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"Working directly in Spain will allow the brand to gain visibility and speed"

Interview to Erwan Aumon and Rafael Coronado, sales manager of RECARO Child Safety GmbH


RECARO Child Safety GmbH, a company specialized in the manufacture of car seats and strollers, headquartered in Germany, has 100 years of experience in the sector. After devoting years to the automotive industry, the corporation decided in 1988 to launch the creation of its first car seat with the START model, thus ushering in the field of babycare. Now, after taking the decision to dispense with a distributor in the Spanish market, the firm has decided to entrust the distribution of its products in Spain and Portugal to its French subsidiary. Erwan Aumon and Rafael Coronado, sales manager of RECARO in Spain, tell us about how to improve the references and visibility in stores becomes the set for this year in the Spanish market, a market that becomes strategic in Europe.

- RECARO is a German company with over 100 years experience in the manufacture of car seats and strollers, and other products. Regarding the childcare sector, what are the fundamental pillars of the company in the development of these items?
For over 100 years, RECARO has been able to invest its experience in the automotive industry, in the construction of aircraft seats, stadiums, trucks, etc. Throughout the years, and with so much experience, in 1988 RECARO decided to launch the creation of its first car seat that grows with the child: the START model, offering the qualities of comfort and Recaro passenger protection. This transfer of know-how is still present and is today in all our innovations.

- After a few years with a distributor in the Spanish market you have decided to move to manage this business directly from RECARO. Why was this decision taken? How the business is structured in our country?

Spain, as every major European actor, became a strategic market. The results of the French branch acting for 10 years in their own market assured RECARO Child Safety GmbH their ability to work a new market directly. Working directly in Spain will allow the brand to gain visibility and speed. Erwan Aumon, sales manager and marketing strategy, focuses on the development of the brand within the network of shops. Meanwhile, logistics and sales management structure dedicated to the Iberian market has been installed in the offices of the French headquarters in La Rochelle.

- What goals have been scored for the Spanish market?
They are very simple: for existing outlets, references and improve visibility in stores, but also extend our presence to 100% of the first class specialty shops. The sales and logistics structure we choose should enable us to achieve this goal in 2017.

- You attend as exhibitors to Puericultura Madrid. Which novelties will you present in this contest? Which are your expectations?
In addition to our new organization, 2016 will celebrate the arrival of our new collection of fabrics, always inspired by the automotive industry, and will welcome new products for RECARO: car ride, two Group 1 car seats, and the last car seat group 0+/1 i-Size, useable from birth and equipped with an innovation never seen before in the market. Therefore, it's important for us to introduce the products to our employees and Feria de Madrid is the perfect place for this. It also allows us to show everyone that RECARO is being renovated and this will be done with and thanks to them.

- How do you value the evolution of the childcare sector in Spain? And how is the situation comparing to other countries in which it operates RECARO?
RECARO is a leader in child safety in Europe. It's a brand that continues growing globally, through its subsidiaries in the United States, France, UK and Japan, and also through its network of importers and the Chinese market or the rest of Europe. Europe remains a strategic market thanks to the stable level of birth and the location of our headquarters in Germany. For some time, it feels a recovery of the Spanish market, with an enthusiasm for top-end products and high quality, corresponding perfectly with the values and strategy of RECARO: trust products, effective, innovative design and a maintained price positioning.

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