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6 trends in children's furniture (GALLERY)

Children's and baby furniture is a tool to build customer loyalty


Children's furniture sales are a useful tool to build customer loyalty, explains the report "Furniture, attraction for customers," published in the Spanish trade magazine Puericultura Market. This article collects information from retailers and manufacturers and points out six trends in furniture targeting children and babies.

1. Retailers explain that it is very important that the customer can see the furniture in the store. Due to the large exhibition space needed most retailers combine product exposition and catalogue sales.

2. The price is still important, but parents do not lose sight of quality and design.

3. IKEA, supermarkets and furniture stores offer cheaper products, but also with less quality and applications, compared to those found in specialty stores, as retailers explain to their customers.

4. 73% of stores said that furniture sales are decreasing. Best results are found for mattresses: 63% explain that sales remain as good as last year, and 27% have recorded increases.

5. During the early years of the crisis, convertible cribs were successful, as they were a more versatile product. Being a high investment for families, sales have gone down: parents now prefer cheaper products.

6. In contrast, co-sleeping cribs sales have been growing, since they are a convenient and secure way for parents and children to sleep together.

We include a gallery with a selection of the products published in the magazine.

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Ambiente Evolutive Champagne, by Alondra, is a crib convertible in child-bed and, later, in a desk. It has a wide range of modules that allow to create from a closet to a chiffonier. Star Plus, by Trama (Bébécar), is a baby furniture set in matte white with new chrome accents that give it a modern style. This Tuc Tuc crib is made from lacquered wood with a mobile rail that uses a hidden mechanism. The Babybox Moodelli crib evolves as the baby grows, with 3 different stages. It has three mattress heights and five wheels.
This Bolin Bolon crib becomes a game table, with two stools and a wheeled toy chest to store all the toys and move them easily. Confecciones Uzturre presents its Pimus P4 collection, on white muslin combined with honeycomb pique. It is available in blue, pink, gray and stone.


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