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Kind + Jugend announces the Innovation Awards (GALLERY)

The winners were chosen among 183 proposals of 145 companies


For the ninth time, the Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards for the best products of the year for babies and toddlers were presented at the start of Kind + Jugend. A particularly innovative idea, outstanding technology, high level of functionality or extraordinary design were again the most important criteria for the decisions of the international and independent specialist jury consisting of industry professionals, trade journalists and safety experts, including Emili Alsina, Director at Ediciones Just, publisher of Key4Communications.

This year, 145 companies from 24 countries put forward a total of 183 products for the coveted winner's seal in eight categories. The nominees and award winners are on display in the Innovation Area until the last day of the fair on September 22.

World of Moving Baby. The Greentom Upp buggy by Dutch manufacturer Greentom Operations, thanks to its sustainable production process. The Greentom Upp consists entirely of recycled plastic and can thus simply be recycled again. The buggy is constructed in just three minutes and from only four materials, without the use of screws or bolts. As a result, the Greentom Upp can be produced locally without importing additional components and sold at the same price in every country.

World of Travelling Baby. The 2wayPearl children's car seat from Dorel Europe won in this category, as it is first children's car seat on the market to comply with the new 'i-Size' EU standard. Additional advantages included the high level of seat comfort and the possibility of transporting children facing backwards up to a height of 105 cm.

World of Moving Baby & Travelling Baby Accessories. The Dooky Buggy Bar from Dutch company Xplorys took this title. This item is an additional element which can be fitted between the two handles of a buggy. A simple and absolutely practical solution which makes it possible to push the buggy with only one hand with very little effort.

World of Baby Safety at Home. The brand new folding system and the flexible possibilities of use of the new Guard Me stair guard from Danish company Baby Dan A/S convinced the jury in the category. The stair guard is size-adjustable in a few simple steps and can be used both at the top and at the bottom of the stairs. It folds itself up at the touch of a button, becoming almost invisible.
World of Baby Toys. The Mingo multi-functional toy by Educational Toy Design from Austria won the award in the category. The jury was impressed by the diverse construction possibilities, which stimulate children's creativity and fine motor skills. Whether car, scooter, horse or chair - just six components can be used to create numerous modes of transport and various pieces of seating furniture.

World of Baby Textiles. The Seamless GelWire Nursing Bra by Carriwell ApS from Denmark scored with the jury through its high level of comfort for the growing breasts of new mothers. The bra has no unnecessary seams or underwiring.

World of Baby Care. MilkSense by SML Success from Israel convinced the jury in the category. With the MilkSense, the mother can gauge the amount of milk in the breast as well as the amount of milk drunk by the baby per feeding session, without interrupting the feeding.

World of Baby Furniture. The Evolu highchair from Belgian manufacturer Childhome - Aerts came out on top. The chair is characterized by its high level of functionality. The seat height can be adjusted to three different positions in just a few simple steps and adapted to the child's changing requirements. The trendy design was another reason for the jury's vote.

Runner-up incentive prize. In addition to the eight winners, another product in the World of Moving Baby category grabbed the jury's attention and was acknowledged "apart from the competitionˮ. The Espresso Sole from Italian manufacturer Italtrike is a bus-like buggy in which up to six small passengers can take a seat. It is operated with rechargeable batteries and can be pushed by hand by one person, supported by the electric engine. All seats are equipped with seat belts. The Espresso Sole is manufactured entirely in Italy.

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World of Moving Baby. Greentom Upp (Greentom Operations) World of Travelling Baby. 2wayPearl (Dorel Europe) World of Moving Baby & Travelling Baby Accessories. Dooky Buggy Bar (Xplorys) World of Baby Safety at Home. Guard Me (Baby Dan A/S)
World of Baby Toys. Mingo (Educational Toy Design) World of Baby Textiles. Seamless GelWire Nursing Bra (Carriwell ApS) World of Baby Care. MilkSense (SML Success) World of Baby Furniture. Evolu (Childhome-Aerts)


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