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12 data on a growing global toy industry

The moderate growth in sales will continue until 2017

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The toy industry has experienced a year of moderate contraction in the US and Europe, offset by growth in Latin America and Eastern Europe, according to a Euromonitor research on the toy market in 2012.

The star category was construction, while licensing remains an important sales factor despite the disappointment of some movie properties.

According to Euromonitor:

1. The global toy market has grown by 3% in 2012, up from 2% in 2011. The market is expected to continue increasing sales at least until 2017, thanks to the efforts of Latin America and Eastern Europe, which recorded double-digit increases. The third fastest growing market is Asia Pacific, with an increase of 6% thanks to South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, China and India.

2. China is already the second largest market for toys and games in the world, behind the US and ahead of Japan after growing by 11% in 2012. However, spending per child was less than $36, compared to $420 in Japan.

3. European sales were flat. Good sales in Turkey, Sweden and Germany were restrained by declines in Spain, the Netherlands and France.

4. The toys and games market in the US grew by 1.5%, after a year of drops.

5. The category with best results was construction games, which increased revenues by 15% in 2012, compared with 14% in 2011. These games recorded increases in all markets, largely due to Lego, which has doubled its market share in five years, reaching 6%.

6. Mattel remains the largest toymaker in the world, with a market share of 12.5%, thanks to the American continent. The leader in Eastern Europe is Lego, while Asia Pacific is dominated by Takara Tomy and Bandai Namco.

7. Barbie, from Mattel, continues to lead the dolls market with a 24% share, although it is losing ground to Monster High, also a Mattel brand, and My Little Pony, from Hasbro. The best selling in China is Lelia, while in Japan, the leader is Licca-chan, with 16% of sales.

8. The board games leader is Monopoly, from Hasbro, but in Japan the sector is dominated by card games like Yu-Gi-Oh!

9. The preschool category has also garnered good sales, with a 6% growth thanks to Leapfrog and Vtech's tablets for children.

10. Licensing continues to drive sales, but below what expectations, considering that 2012 saw the releases of films such as The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hobbit and the third instalment of Batman. In the US licensed toys were sold by 2%, reaching a market share of 26%.

11. The global video game market fell 1% due to lower sales in the US and Western Europe, which account for 55% of the total. Eastern Europe grew by 28% and Latin America by 24%.

12. Physical format games and consoles sales were down 4%, while digital games experienced a growth of 19%. These games now account for 25% of total sales, having doubled its revenue in four years. Skylanders reached notable results, and thanks to the combination of video games and figures, the company has reached 11% of the market share of accessories, from 3% in 2011.

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