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30 facts about the 30th anniversary of Transfomers

The fourth film based on the toy brand will be released in August


Hasbro released the Tranformers toy line in 1984, and it is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the brand with a special collection of thirty figures under the Thrilling 30 brand, in the year that will also see the premiere of the fourth film based on the property.

Here are some facts about a brand of toys that has also been present in film, television and comics.

1. Hasbro launched the brand in 1984, renaming two ranges of Takara Tomy toys: the Diaclone convertible vehicles and the Microman articulated action figures.

2. During this first generation, Optimus Prime and history of the property were created, beginning when the two sides of robots came to Earth in prehistory.

3. Already in the 80s, the toys brand had its Marvel comics. In fact, the characters were part of Marvel’s universe, counting with apparitions from Spider-Man and Nick Fury.

4. Starting in 2003 there were also crossovers with G.I. Joe: the two toy brands appeared in both series of comics. Incidentally, G.I. Joe is also celebrating its anniversary in 2014 – the brand is already 50 years old.

5. The property also had its own television series (between 1984 and 1988 and between 2007 and 2009), with a first animated movie in 1986, set in the future , which at that time was 2005.

6. This is the first ad for the cartoon series:

7. The first generation of toys was more difficult to transform. The process has been simplified and the new Transformers to be launched this year can go from vehicle to robot with a single move.

8. The 1993 generation saw the rebranding of the two sides of robot - the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, and the Decepticons, with Megatron as leader. The new ranges incorporated light and sound.

9. The third generation came in 1996, with toys also transforming into animals.

10. This is not the only transformation out of the ordinary for the brand: the Alternators were launched in 2003 – robots could transform into scale reproductions of popular cars, including the Corvette and the Mustang.

11. And the next film include Dinobots, that can transform into dinosaurs.

12. The movies arrived in 2007, with Paramount as a partner, Steven Spielberg as producer, and directed by Michael Bay.

13. The first film grossed $700 million, making it the fifth most-watched movie of the year. The second sold $830 million in tickets in 2009 (fourth movie of the year). The third instalment was the first in 3D and grossed more than $1.1 billion.

14. The third instalment is the seventh highest grossing film in history. The franchise is the thirteenth highest grossing, just ahead of Iron Man, and the second if we only consider sagas with three titles, just behind The Lord of the Rings.

15. The fourth film, The Age of Extinction, will have a renewed cast: Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Pelz and Kelsey Grammer, among others.

16. It will be released in the US the 27th of June.

17. Though the actors are new, it is not a relaunch of the series, as there will be continuity with the previous titles.

18. This is the trailer:

19. And here are four posters:

20. There are two more movies planned for the coming years.

21. Though Michael Bay has announced that he will not direct anymore.

22. It is not surprising that Hasbro has already announced these new films, if we take into account the good results for the company, both in the areas of licensing and toys. The firm signed 250 licensing agreements in 2007, reaching revenues of $480 million, including sales of its own products. The second film brought in sales worth $592 million, 15% of total revenues for 2009. Hasbro signed 325 licensees in 2011. Sales of the brand boosted children's toys revenue, which grew 35%, while the area of entertainment and licensing increased sale by 19%.

23. The fourth film will also feature a licensing program in all categories, with the new line of toys as the core axis.

24. The toys also have collectors and even a fan convention, BotCon, held since 1994.

Bonus: Hasbro in the movies

25. Transformers is not the only brand of toys that Hasbro has made into a film. In 1985 Cluedo was released without much success. The films for G.I. Joe were released in 2009 and 2013, and sequel is planned. Battleship was released in 2012.

26. Universal canceled in 2012 an agreement with the company to produce more films for Hasbro brands: Candy Land, Clue, Monopoly (with Ridley Scott rumoured as director) and Ouija.

27. The agreement also included Stretch Armstrong, which will be finally produced by Relativity Media, and Magic: The Gathering, which has been taken over by Fox.

28. Sony Pictures will handle Candy Land, to be written and starred by Adam Sandler.

29. Hasbro has also reached an agreement with Emmett / Furla Films (the producers of Conan the Barbarian) to retrieve the Monopoly project (which will go into production in 2014 and continues to have Scott as producer).

30. The same company will produce Hungry Hungry Hippos and Action Man.

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