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Market Research


Back to School Campaign's recovers (with products image gallery)

The licenses show a sales sharp increasing in the last few years


The sales of the campaign Back to School have strengthen in the last few years with a sharp growing and, according the professionals expectation, 2016 is presented with good feelings and as a year in which entertainment properties will have an important weight in the campaign’s final result. Consumers continue valuing, in these kind of products, the character-license, the quality and the design, despite always with a huge attention to the price. Moreover, we see that the most important properties in the previous campaign were Paw Patrol, Frozen, Star Wars, Minions and Avengers.

Now we offer a brief opinion from five important companies of the sector, as well as a gallery with new collections and products related to Back to School.

ARTESANÍA CERDÁ: “We’re continuously looking for innovation in terms of finishing touches, product and communication. We make an specific catalogue for this campaign and we send e-mails when we upload the products to our website”.

CYP: “Our judgement when choosing the licenses of our portfolio are, amongst others, the objective public they are focused on (old and genre), or in case of entertainment, the number of episodes, the script quality, etc”.

DOHE: “Our main strategy is de acquisition of new licenses year after year, apart from increase our catalogue with new products and new categories. We focus on licenses with a great brand recognition in the teenager target”.

J.M INÁCIO: “Our company bets on the design (composition in a little bit different style) and the acquisition of new licenses. When it is about choosing the properties, we follow opinions such as its popularity and the needs of our catalogue”.

KIDS LICENSING: “We count every time with a more important offer in the Back to School Category, apart from incorporating new licenses to our portfolio. We also bet on innovation with the adding of led lights to our products, for example.

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Paw Patrol Collection, ARTESANÍA CERDÁ Paw Patrol Collection, CYP IMPORTS Coca Cola Collection, DOHE Ninja Turtles Collection, J.M INÁCIO
Soy Luna Collection, KIDS LICENSING


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