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Christmas budget grows in Spain

The Spaniards plan to spend an average of 248 euros on gifts this Christmas

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According to the data provided by the Barómetro de tendencias en las compras navideñas of American Express, Spaniards will increase their spending these holidays compared to last year by 6%. In Spain, the average budget will be 840 euros, with most of the budget spent in gifts (37%), followed by food (29%), leisure (12%) and travel (8%).

In addition, according to the study 'Trends in consumption at Christmas' made by TNS for eBay, Spaniards plan to spend an average of 248 euros in gifts this Christmas. A figure that represents the largest investment in gifts since 2011 and an increase in average spending of 13 euros over the previous year.

When are the purchases going to take place?

According to the study conducted by American Express it is expected a slight improvement over the time of 2015 to make purchases. In this way, 41% of the respondents for the Barometer say they will buy before December, while only 9% will wait until the last moment. In fact, 39% of consumers who have participated in the study will use Black Friday to make their Christmas shopping. In fact, the purchases of this day represent already 34% of Christmas spending.

In this sense, according to the study 'Trends in Christmas consumption' made by TNS for eBay, 42% start their Christmas shopping in December, and although 17% of Spaniards consider that the Christmas shopping season Is something exciting and fun, for 41% it is stressful. Economic constraints (52%), excessive social commitments (25%), exhaustion of ideas to choose the perfect gift (23%) or lack of time to buy (20%) are the main causes of this perception.

Online shopping boom
As reported in the report by American Express, 29% of Spaniards prefer to make their Christmas shopping online. In this sense, study data reveal that 23% of Christmas spending will be online. While, according to the TNS survey, 67% of Internet users will buy their Christmas gifts online.

In this sense, for the second consecutive year, the sale of toys over the Internet will rise, a category that has a percentage of 37% that claims to buy online. Thus, books, music, cultural products, toys and electronics are still the most demanded in the online channel.

The mobile, a device with greater relevance

Although the computer remains the medium from which more online purchases are made, mobile devices are increasingly important. In this sense, the Barometer of American Express reveals that 60% of respondents use the computer at the time of making a purchase through the internet, compared to 31% that already claims to use the mobile. Meanwhile, according to data from the study prepared by TNS, will be the 38% of Spaniards who will buy through a mobile device.

The possibility of making the purchase at any time, with an unlimited schedule and from any place through different devices (64%) and the speed and ease of finding a wide range of products from different countries are some of the reasons Drive the purchase through this channel.

Payment methods
20% of buyers surveyed for the American Express Barometer say they already have an application for mobile payments, while more than half say they will use it to make purchases. However, those who do not have this payment system installed, recognize that they will make it brief in 20% of cases.

Also, regarding the form of payment, 72% of the study sample will pay by card. In this sense, the use of cards grows compared to last year, with 54% of those surveyed saying that they will resort to credit cards as a payment method for their Christmas shopping.

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