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Customer, sales and mind maps

Anna Flores, expert in NLP, explains the importance of mental maps to achieve extraordinary results in sales

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We are all different and we all have our way of understanding and interpreting the world, says Anna Flores, NLP expert and professor of ESCODI, who explains, in the latest edition 2016 of Juguetes B2B magazine, how professionals dedicated to sales should be able to leave their own mental map for understanding their customers. All to learn how to offer what they really need and get the best sales results.

Thus, as Anna explains, the Polish linguist Alfred Korzybski said that "the map is not the territory," referring to the fact that our reality is not reality by itself, but a representation we have of it from how we perceive the world. This maximum is an essential principle of work in disciplines such as coaching or NLP, which ultimately both are spreading in the world of commerce that provide a new way of relating to the client.

How mind maps work?
When we live an experience, whatever it is (at work, with a client, at home or with friends) our five senses are perceiving and sending all the information to the brain for encrypt it, store it and create a representation that will be available when we want to remember or talk about it. However, as our brain is not able to consciously process all the information coming simultaneously, we have to filter it according to our beliefs, our values ​​and our mood, and these filters are generating our own map of the world. It is a collection of individual performances thanks to which we don't respond to reality, but our perception of it.

Mind maps and sales
In terms of trade, be aware that there are many maps as persons, no two identical maps, can be the difference between good results and extraordinary results in our sales. When we present our products according to our map, we state its qualities and benefits according to our way of understanding the world and highlight what we believe is important, because it is for us or for most of our customers. We are running "autopilot mode" but we're not aware that we're facing an individual with its own map, with their unique and individual needs and interests.

In terms of sales, as emotional beings we are, what customers feel during the sales process is as important as product specifications or the price of it and, if the seller wants to influence the customer's decision to buy, he must understand, without trial and without interpretation, in a state of total listening: he has to respect his map.

The full article can be found in the Juguetes B2B magazine B2B of December.

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