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Global trends that will shape the toy industry in 2015

The Nuremberg Toy Fair, the Toy Fair in New York and the International Fair of Consumer Electronics Products set the trends that affect products and consumers around the world


Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg, the Toy Fair in New York and the International Trade Fair for Consumer Electronics: all three have in common the fact that set the trends that will affect millions of products and consumers around the world. Here we review the trends that were visible in these international meetings.

Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg

According to Marek Jankowski, chief editor of Branza Dziecieca, Polish magazine Toy B2B sector and childcare and member of Trend Spielwarenmesse, the Trend Committee of Spielwarenmesse selected in last year three trends for 2015: Young Scientists, More beyond Reality and Express Yourself.

The first trend, Young Scientists, includes the specific segment of educational toys (education leads pushing toy sales for more than a decade). Second, Beyond Reality is that which wants to create technological solutions that encourage kids to do good things. Moreover, this trend gives new possibilities to toy companies because in many cases involves digital content that can be updated, extend, improve and increase sales steadily and globally. And finally, Express Yourself is a trend based on creativity, which boost people with bold ideas, as well as Steve Jobs and encourage children to think differently, to make maximum use of the imagination. Then they can make a better world.

International Consumer Electronics Show

According to Reyne Rice, contributing editor of the magazine The Toy Book, a publication belonging to ITMA, International Consumer Electronics Show
presented the latest innovations in this sector. Children, families and educators were among the target audience for this new world of technology.

What stood out the most concerning technology family, was the arrival in power of robotics. The company Spin Master introduced Meccanoid G15 KS, a robot with the ability to transform into various forms. WoWee launched its BeaconSense technology, which allows the dinosaur MiPosaur pursue his robotic beanbag and follow the child. In addition, drones also played a prominent role in the show, with multiple drones flying toy for children over the roofs of the fair. Examples include MiniDrone and Bebop Drone Parrot Drone 2.0 and Micro Extrem Fliers, both with cameras included. Also, the crowdfunding played a key role, as the new technology of motion sensors, which is currently adding value to companies such as Lego, which has partnered with The Eye Tribe to use technology that tracks eye movement to encourage consumers in stores. It should also be added how technologies for training the brain and body are already making its way into the toy industry. Uncle Milton company has released The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience, Science Star Wars brand, which allows the user to use their brain waves to dodge robots and turn your spaceship. Not forgetting the 3-D printers, which come strong market.
7 trends that revealed the New York fair

At the show in New York they were announced ravage trends in the toy market in 2015

First, we must highlight the creation and movement games that allow children to build their own unique toys. Secondly, we must highlight the Games opened to creativity toys that develop problem-solving skills, resources that fill children and allow them to use their freedom to decide how and when they want to play. Mini follies also take centre stage, understanding the tendency to buy small toys that come in tiny boxes as well as smaller versions of highly successful toys.

We must also highlight the growing number of educational toys and academics on the market. It includes innovative teaching science to children games, as well as engineering, technology, mathematics and art. Toys with aquatic theme, either because they assume play with them in the water or because they deal with it (oceans, etc.) are also an important trend; to which must be added the tip Technology (the toy industry continues to invest in cutting-edge technology that allows you to create art toys) and dinosaurs. In fact, this year is the return of dinosaurs mainly due to launch this summer of the film Jurassic World.

The full version of this article can be found in the latest issue of Juguetes B2B Express.

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