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Mobile commerce will grow by 48% in Spain in 2015

36% of users particularly appreciate that payments are faster

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Mobile commerce will grow by 48% in Spain in 2015, a bigger increase than that forecasted for online commerce for the same year (13%), according to a report commissioned by PayPal and done by Ipsos.

Globally, mobile commerce is growing almost three times the ecommerce does. Between 2013 and 2016, the rate of mcommerce annual growth is 42% versus 13% expected for electronic commerce (including mobile commerce).

Listed below are the main findings:

Reasons why users who have bought with the smartphone don't do it more often:
28% due to problems in the installation or use of the apps.
28% security concerns in payment.
26% due to the small size of the mobile screen.

Smart phone uses:
37% of users use it to find information on products.
30% to locate or find information about stores.
25% to read reviews from customers and users.
21% to scan a barcode or QR.
17% to compare prices while doing shopping in a physical store.

What would users like to be able to do with their smartphone in the future:
17% would pay with it.
14% would buy and pay in the store through an app.
13% would be interested in placing an order in advance through an app or browser.
12% would use the phone to compare prices while shopping in a store.

What do users value most when buying by phone:
36% values that payment is faster.
24% no need to carry physical wallet.
22% simplifying the payment process.
21% is an innovative way to pay.
20% immediate confirmation of the completion of the payment is received.
19% use is simpler than paying by card or cash.
16% not sharing financial information with the seller.

Payment method most used by mobile:
74% PayPal.
45% Visa.
26% Mastercard.
12% bank transfer.
10% COD.

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