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Purchase intent stabilizes in Spain

Economic and income expectations have descended in the country

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European spending expectations, June 2016 / Source: GfK UE Comission

According to the latest report "European Climate Consumption" prepared by GfK, the Spanish expectations of spending remain stable. In this sense, although they are still negative (-5), the willingness to buy has not changed compared to the previous year. A fact that could lead to a purchase intent increase at the end of the year or in the first months of 2017, according to experts. It’s also expected that private consumption will increase by six tenths more than expected to end of 2016.

Decline in economic and income expectations in Spain

However, these data are far from the Spanish economic expectations, which have fallen for the third consecutive quarter. Thus, compared to the previous quarter, these expectations have suffered a decline of 4 points, reaching 21 points in the interannual evolution. These figures place the Spanish flag in the 13 positive points away from the 34 recorded last year.

Although the decline is not as pronounced as in economic expectations, Spain is the economy that has most reduced its revenue in a year. In this regard, and with respect to the same measure a year ago, the decline is 11 points; however this indicator still is in positive values (9 points).

Germany, leading in spending expectations

In Europe, Germany remains the leader in spending expectations, recording 53 points in September, followed by Czech Republic with 27 points and Bulgaria with 21. In this regard, there are only two countries in Europe that are equal that Spain, in negative values; Portugal, with -17 points and -43 Greece.

However, according to thr economic expectations, Slovakia is the country that has suffered a significant improvement of 17 points since 2015; while Italy has fallen 26 points.

Finally, Germany also leads  income expectations with 53 positive points, with Greece (-38), Belgium (-15) France (-14), Italy (-10) and the Netherlands (-6), countries with worst expectations.

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