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Spain, leader of the consumer increasing

Sales advanced 2,1% in the second trimester of the year

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During the April, May and June, the consumer products market increased 2,1% in Spain according to the report Growth Reported made by Nielsen. This way, the Spanish market leads the increasing of the five big European economies.

Leader in Europe
In terms of countries, Italy increased 1,2% in spite of being in deflation, meanwhile France and Germany barely increased around 0,5-0,3%. On its behalf, the consumer products market in the United Kingdom fell down 1,6%. Actually, the growing registered in Spain is bigger than the European average, which was 0,8% during the analysed period.

However, the increasing of sales in Spain of supermarkets and hypermarkets during the second semester registered the worse data since June of the last year, when it recorded a 2% increasing, according to the report Growth Reporter.

A good year beginning

With a very good year beginning for the sector, with an increasing of 3,1% till march, the three next months registered a slowing down in sales, mainly caused by a stop in the prices increasing, that only increased 0,4% thanks to the effort in the prices contention which the sector is applying. Whereas, the purchases volume (sold litres and kilos) on behalf of the consumer continues to have a good rhythm and registered on the second trimester 1,7% increasing.  

Moreover, from Nielsen they stand out that even though the consumer products market has stopped compared to the first months of the year, shopping baskets are 1,7% fuller in terms of volume in a surroundings of a market which is losing critical consumers mass due to the population falling.

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