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3 reasons and 1 tip to visit the Nuremberg Toy Fair

Emili Alsina, director, Ediciones Just

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The Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair will be held from January 28 to February 2 in Nuremberg. Being the most important trade show by number of visitors and exhibitors, it is clear that the presence of manufacturers, retailers and distributors there is more than necessary.

We leave you here three reasons and one advice to not miss out this show:

Reason 1: with a total of 2,857 exhibitors, it is the show where you will find most of the companies from all around the world. Among them, there are the ones operating in the Spanish market and 122 Spanish companies. Their stands show their strategic moves, both domestically and internationally.

Reason 2: the growing presence of the licensing sector in Spielwarenmesse. The importance of this event is such that there are more stands of manufacturers of children’s licensed products that are not toys each year. The weight of the toy industry in licenses is so important for sectors such as gifts, home and decoration, clothing and publishers, among others, that they no longer lose the chance to participate in the show and see firsthand which licenses are the ones that the most important toy companies in the world choose for 2015.

Reason 3: the year 2014 is already closed in Nuremberg. If it went well or not is something that loses relevance in favour of what will happen in 2015. New products, new trends, the movements that will generate business this year are the topics that people talk about along the hallways and in the stands. It is an event that looks ahead, of course drawing due conclusions from past editions.

1 tip: do not waste the privilege of participating in Nuremberg. The fair presents in one single place the most important companies in the sector at international and national levels, and of all sizes and from all product categories. That allows you to do what the rest of the year is much more difficult, I mean to exchange views face to face on trends, expected market trends or toys that will preponderate in 2015.  It also means in many cases closing deals for the coming months.

Ediciones Just will not miss out this appointment. Furthermore, as every year, in the fair we distributed 500 copies of the December issue of our magazine JuguetesB2B, with a special dossier on the event, and 500 copies of the last issue of the magazine Licencias Actualidad.

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