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6 reasons why you should sign up to receive our newsletters

Emili Alsina, Director, Ediciones Just

  • Key4Communications

We really like our newsletters. Therefore, we find it very easy to list six reasons why to sign up to receive them is a good idea.

1. They are free. You can receive the information we publish on the web for free in your e-mail - news, market analysis, trends, interviews...

2. Signing up is easy. You just need to fill this form.

3. You will receive the information you need. You can choose between the toys, licensing or the babycare products information. Or the three of them. Or the two that you find most useful.

4. You will find Spanish and international content. This is why we publish in English and Spanish. You can subscribe to one of them or to both.

5. You can choose the frequency that suits you - daily, weekly (every Tuesday) or monthly newsletters (the first Tuesday of each month).

6. If you sign up now, you will receive the equivalent of 10 euros in your Key4Communications account, which you can use to purchase the premium content from our Newsstand (magazines and e-books).

In short, our taylored newsletters are the easiest and most direct way to access the information and knowledge of your industry.

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