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A renovation process

Emili Alsina, director, Ediciones Just

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In our different professional channels of communication we bring to our readers the premise of the importance of being dynamic and always be on alert for new business opportunities, thanks to our knowledge of the toy, babycare and licencing industries.

We are undergoing a process of constant renovation in which you need to be informed, be aware of the market trends and meet consumer habits. Specifically in the latest edition of Puericultura Market and in future editions of Juguetes Express and Licencias Actualidad, we devote a special report on how to improve the point of sale. Many lines have been written about the need to improve facilities, which are facing the need to respond to new market trends and consumer tastes. So, we have developed a practical guide with tips to reinvent the business sector. The report features case studies, experts' opinions to improve the trade sector, in addition to the vision of manufacturers, explaining how they can strengthen the relationship with retailers.

Issues such as organization of activities, strategically distribution of supply and decoration of showcases, plus the use  of new technologies and social networks, have to be taken into account when managing the point of sale.

As Maria Costa, Director of Child and Leisure Research at AIJU, says "it is essential to think about the target who we want to address, the type of consumer who interests us and how to focus on them. And we cannot say 'all customers', because at the current situation is like saying 'nobody'. The most important advice is to devote right now to think about what to do and how to do it, but do it now, because there is no time to lose".

For Victor Valencia, business management expert and CEO of Entorno y Estrategia, "outlets don't need to understand consumers but they have to really understand what their point of sale is. Shops should approach the new model of consumption. What must change is how to address the business, if you do not understand that the point of sale is a part of the business means that you haven't understand anything about the brutal change that has occurred at the consumer level. Are you willing to concentrate completely for four intensive days on how to change your business model and to re-sell it? This is the real specificity, the rest is part of business. The essential thing is learning how to manage a new concept of trade in a new model of consumption".

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