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Babycare: A changing market

Businesses must adapt to changing consumer habits and purchasing behaviour

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In first time in five years we can see increase the number of births in Spain, according to the latest data published by the INE (National Statistics Institute). In 2014 there was a slight growth of 0.1%, what can be considered a positive development given that the number of births has declined by 18% since 2010. Furthermore, according to the INE, consumption in Spain has remained in growth, with an increase of 3.4% last May in retail sales.

We are in a childcare sector in transformation, and whose protagonists are adapting to changes in consumer habits and purchasing behaviour. Parents take on what is really essential, common sense, and loans from family and friends and sale of resale are fully consolidated. Those habits have hurt the business specialized in retailers and industry in general.

In an increasingly complex environment, it is important that retailers are dynamic professionals and entrepreneurs. Who do not invest can´t evolve. You have to go find the customer and do not expect to come to your point of sale. Social networking, ecommerce, advertising, etc., are some of the channels that help reach our target

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