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Ediciones Just renews its presence on Linkedin

Sharing content with our community is decisive in acquiring relevance in the professional network

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This month we released on Linkedin three new pages devoted to each of our publications: Puericultura Market,  Juguetes B2B and Licencias Actualidad.

Linkedin has become a fundamental tool for brands within their content strategies. It's the place where 400 million professionals share million articles per day, mostly on business content. I understand that, as a group of specialized communication, Ediciones Just should contribute its bit to this professional social network facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge. But I also wonder:

Does it help the circulation of content to the interests of the sector? What is the role that the media have the time to articulate all this knowledge? While Facebook is the tool of choice for companies wanting to connect with their consumers and transform them into true brand lovers, Linkedin is the best tool to connect with the professional community.

We just need one only look at our network on LinkedIn to see how any action performed by an employee of a company, either recommend or share an article, he gets visibility into his network and, therefore, supports the strength of mark on Linkedin. But, as long as the contents that are shared have quality.

Having more active employees in the community and in the groups will give more visibility to brands. That's why recently Linkedin released Elevate, the app for workers to become the authentic content curators of their organizations. An employee has ten times more links than the business page so it's important for organizations to encourage this participation.

So I think from Puericultura Market, Juguetes B2B and Licencias Actualidad we can contribute to this communication in those sectors which we are aware. We can provide the tools to stimulate conversation and generate content that feed the debate on the industry of products for children, toys and licensing market. With our new Linkedin pages we want to contribute to the articulation of our professional community and strengthen professional relationships of our supporters adding value to its positioning within the sector.

We're wating for your comments on Linkedin and, for any questions, you can also contact our Community Manager, Amelia, through the social network.

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