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The benefits of optimism

Emili Alsina, director, Ediciones Just

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NASA considers the astronauts' optimism when selecting them. This is not an anecdotal issue: when someone is in a metal tube thousands of miles from Earth, the last thing he wants to hear is his partner calling attention to a suspicious noise and sighing "we will never go back home" when facing any problem.

In fact, optimism has effects on all areas of life and there are studies that suggest that optimism helps prevent cancer and strengthen the immune system.

Positive thinking also helps in business. To begin with, it is more enjoyable for us and for those around us. Optimism helps generate a better working environment, which is no small thing.

But it is not just about being comfortable while the ship is sinking, but also a question of effectiveness: the optimist focuses on solutions, while the pessimist only pays attention to problems. Obviously, it is easier get away from a difficult situation when we are looking for strategies and opportunities and not when we only focus on the difficulties.

Of course, we must not lose sight of reality and live only in a dreamworld, but we need to address any situation decisively, knowing that the solution is at least largely in our hands. The point is not to see the glass half full or half empty, but to fill it ourselves.

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