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The digital tiredness, an opportunity for printed media

The ritual of opening the magazine has got now an added value, to disconnect for a few minutes of the digital world

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The network has become our main information media but ¿do we really obtain the information that we need, the one that allow us consolidate knowledge related with our surroundings?
Internet offer us the ability of consulting hundreds of channels day by day and thousands actualisations. The information represents a new just a few minutes, we consume it and we forget it, ¿where does the necessary reflection go?
With that, we don’t want to say that online prescriptores are not valuable, they really are. The digital channel has created a new consume method with more information which becomes a benefit for everyone of us, for industry and so for users.
In that context in which publishing are multiplied, people talk a lot about the future of pressed media but, at the same time, society is worried by the fact of disinformation.
That makes us think about the need of analysis sources as well as knowledge regarding information. As users, we want to have access to those things which are truly relevant about those topics which worry us: politics, economics or business.
Which currently we know as contents recovery in the online ambit is starting also to be one of the main points that paper publishing are also suffering and, specially, those niche communication media.
In the United Kingdom, people is experiencing a movement which reclaims the ‘slow journalism’, publishing which wait for three months to show off the analysis of all data and occurred events and facts, this way they are able to make conclusions with good basis and foundations. This is the example from the magazine Delayed Gratification’s, directed by Rom Orchad.
We look for more reflective contents and those are magazines which offer a more paused and slowly information consume and therefore they bet on paper. The ritual of opening the magazine has got now an added value, disconnecting for a few minutes of the digital world. Moreover, every time we are feeling more exhausted about screens, they affect our eyes and so our sleep, and they have also a psychological impact, because they make us be constantly connected due to not being far from the social conversation.
Professionals also search for ‘something more’ when it’s about being informed regarding to our sector in specialized magazines. In these publishing we look for knowledge and we dedicate them more time when they reach our hands. Including advertisement, which has got already a special attractive in sector magazines, is consumed with more attention.
The ‘Show Reading’ is an added value when it’s time of choosing how do we want to be communicated with our community, even more when it is related with a specialized and interested public which looks for a ‘reflection’.

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