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The growing of e-commerce in Spain ¿An opportunity?

B2C electronic commerce in Spain reached 16.259 million euros in 2014

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Online sales are altering the way consumers carry out the purchase process and this 2015 has been the year of the huge adoption of new consume ways and its big impact in society.

In Spain, 18% of companies are already selling online and, even though we are situated below the European average, which is 19%, that fact can be understand as an opportunity, as the market is far from becoming mature.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom 81% of consumers assure shopping online, in Spain, Eurostat certifies that 48% of people has bought goods or services online in 2014. However, IAB 2015 dates, indicate that the number of online customers is reaching its peak. Actually, since 2013 it has grown 52% being situated in 62% in number of internautas who use the Internet as a shopping channel.

Trying to value the last published dates, the volume of electronic B2C commerce in Spain reached the 16.259 million euros in 2014 with an increasing of 11,3% (ONTSI), in spite of that, in 2015 second trimester, the ‘ Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) reports a growing of 27% year on year average.

Can we interpret this invoicing dates as the first signs on the Spanish e-commerce peak?

Last November, Bertrand Amaraggi, Country Manager from PrestaShop for Spain assured that ‘Spain is one of the countries with more projection to Europe in terms of digital media’, and is important to stand out that invoicing forecasts for 2016 are situated in 24.700 million euros, according to PrestaShop.

In the same way that a growing in the overall consume is forecasted, now we have to hope that the consumers confidence, which has been positive in 2015, starts to remount after the last January dates. As well as hoping that the Spanish economic figures maintain their selves in the same levels they got on 2015. (CEOE)

What’s up with the babycare sector?

Obviously, the arrival of the Millennial generation to the market, added to the currently economic conjunction, are an opportunity for brands, which have got everyday more presence on the online channels, but also for retailers, who should find out the manner to engage the consumers through these new channels.

Currently 12% of  online consumers assures that they have bought baby products on the Internet, 55% have bought fashion, and 30% have bought toys. (Cetelem)

These figures make me think about the sector, because if we really are in the suitable moment for pouncing on the market, and if the previsions of overall growing for e-commerce accomplish, there is a huge opportunity edge for the baby and kid products online sale. There are already some companies which are working in that sense and in 2015 have ran its efforts to the omnichannel presence, one of the most strategic clues for this 2016.

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