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The importance of branding and innovation

The transformations that are creating the new technological advances, specially the digitalisation and the movement, affect both consumers and businesses

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The nowadays professionals must be alert for the social changes, the possibilities that provides the new technologies and the needs of costumers. The companies and the specialized points of sale must be dynamic and constantly looking for how to surprise the client. From experts in business strategy valuations and from babycare, toys and licensing professionals, we analyse the importance of fundamental issues such as brand positioning and the innovation in our future publications ( Toys, Babycare and Licensing).

The transformations that are generating the new technological advances, specially the digitalisation and the mobility, affect both consumers and businesses. The clients have more information, power and alternatives. And companies are facing the need to transform their businesses to serve these customers, but also to seize the opportunities for innovation and growth that they bring.

 According to David Villaseca, professor at ESIC Business & Marketing School, and Autor of Innovación y Marketing Services in Digital Era, "there are six major levers that enable organizations to innovate and accelerate the digital transformation":

1. Understand better and helping the clients thanks to "Big Data": before of data and information explosion digitally generated, companies can enhance their understanding of the consumer with an analytical approach.

2. Provide customers with exceptional experiences: combining the technological and digital, without forgetting the human side.

3. The interaction design in the different channels. Let the clients to connect with the companies by the time they want, when they need and with channel they prefer: web, mobile application, physical spaces, etc.

4. To generate relevant content for consumers.

5. To build relationships with Digital Marketing and mobile.

6. And, in the end, to built a brand in every interaction, in a consistent way.

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