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The Licensing Forum, a unique opportunity

Emili Alsina, director of Ediciones Just

  • Key4Communications

The sixth Licensing Forum kicks off in just nine days: on June 20 the industry professionals will meet at the World Trade Center in Barcelona to learn about the major trends in this dynamic business and, of course, to know the main proposals of owners, agents, licensors and retailers.
This forum is organized by Licencias Actualidad, the licensing trade magazine, published, as Key4Communications, by Ediciones Just. And it has become an essential event.
First, for a simple reason: it is the only independent event on licensing currently being held in Spain. There is no other similar show under this format, open to all the industry professionals. Also, this sector is very important in our country: for example, 32% of sold toys are licensed. But this business is still little known and with many possibilities to be exploited, if we compare the Spanish market with the British or the American.

Second, the forum allows talking with dozens of professionals from all the country in a single day. Last year 18 companies exhibited and 220 professionals attended the event. This year, 16 exhibitors have already confirmed their presence (all key players in the sector) and we hope to gather a similar number of professionals.
They'll all be together under one roof. If someone wanted to visit them all (or even half of them) on their own, he would need to travel to Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante... With all the investment in time and money that this entails. At the World Trade Center one must simply look up to find a business opportunity.
Third, the programme includes opportunities to know more about the licensing business. We have prepared two very interesting lectures. The newly created consulting firm Advance Licensing will present its market research on child licensing, a service that the Spanish market has been asking for years. And professionals of RTVE, Cupra, and Nottingham Forest will introduce very new and very interesting techniques to strengthen the relationship between audiovisual content and audiences.
In addition and as every year, exhibitors will present brief lectures about their leading properties and associated licensing programmes.
Considering all these factors, it seems clear not only that the Licensing Forum is an unavoidable event, but that all professionals that choose not to come will be refusing business and growth opportunities . And currently this is a mistake no one can afford.

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