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The value of an offline experience in an increasingly digital world

Emili Alsina, Director, Ediciones Just

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Digital marketing is a very useful strategy, since it allows providing content and reaching customers easily and with a comparatively lower cost (though certainly not for free). The problem is that it is so easy that everyone does it and therefore it is difficult to stand out. Companies have even conducted researches to check which words help open rates.
We believe that there is also a need to disconnect, at least occasionally. Internet and our constant reliance on mobile alerts saturate us, and we welcome any opportunity to leave technology aside for a while.

And in this context it makes sense to offer value proposals that provide other contents and experiences:

1. In-store events: lectures, workshops, parties ... Any excuse to attract customers to your physical store and remind its differential value against any online store - a space that can serve as a source of knowledge and entertainment, as well as a meeting point.

2. Events in companies. Not only retailers but also manufacturers and distributors can organize visits to their facilities to introduce proposals and developments. And this is largely just an excuse to give more importance to personal relationships.

3. Events organized by other firms: forums, seminars, fairs, networking sessions..., organized by associations, training centers and media can serve as a source of knowledge beyond skimming the summary of a report sent to us by e-mail. They allow us to learn more, they encourage and provide ideas, and they also allow us to meet more people.

4. Paper. When it seems that everything should be online and on social networks, paper regains prominence. Paper evokes a physical and closer world, besides bringing us (possibly) a parenthesis of introspection that is necessary to be more creative (we are not inventing this, there are studies). A letter, a catalogue or a magazine, but in any case with interesting and eye-catching design. Paper must be the true premium content.

As we have said on occasion, we will increasingly value slow marketing, which is based on long-term relationships and trust. Digital communication is essential, as demonstrated by this same message, but it cannot replace other communication that can offer deeper insights besides the added value of disconnection.

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