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Trends in the toy in 2015

In the Commercial Guide of the Toy 2015, which we publish in Juguetes B2B, an offer of online product takes form to the world trends of the toy

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One more year, in the edition of Juguetes B2B of June, we publish the Commercial Guide of the Toy, who comes to its 27 ª edition, with the aim to offer to all the professionals of the sector the offer of the most relevant product of the principal companies that operate on the Spanish market. Let's sense beforehand this valuable information divided in categories and subcategories to facilitate its consultation, in addition we include an index with the categories and the present companies in this Guide.

After the analysis of the offer of product that the companies present for this second stage of the year and, especially for the next, Campaign of Christmas, we observe that they centre part of their products on some of the world trends that come to the industry of the toy and that already were announced in appointments of reference to the sector as Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg and in Toy Fair Nueva York. Later we show some of the most significant details that are already present on the Spanish market:

- Beyond the reality: every time there are more the games and toys that link themselves to an app to offer a major playability and contents.
- Dawn of the dinosaurs: with the premiere of Jurassic World and The Good Dinosaur, the market toyshop owner seeks to captivate children of all the ages.
- Technology, drones and robotics: models present several companies of drones of toys and the advances in robotics are significant with electronic products increasingly sophisticated.
- Also toyshop owner is necessary to emphasize the importance of the licensing this year in the sector with several premieres of cinema: The Avengers, Minions, Star Wars and Inside Out.

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